Incredible Scenes As A Lions Hugs His Longtime Friend – Unbelievable!

Animal lovers, grab some Kleenex!

There are people who are fortunate enough to live with wild animals. Some of us cannot even dream of getting close to them, unless in the zoo. We hope no danger will befall us.

Veterinarians, caretakers, and zoo keepers have the privilege of interacting with wild animals every working day of their lives. Adolfo is one of those lucky and compassionate people.

Adolfo adopted Kiara, the lion. In the video below, the door opens, and Kiara spots Adolfo. Anyone who is not Adolfo would be nervous with the turn of events. Kiara and Adolfo hold each other in a tight embrace. Whoa! I would not hug a lion for a million dollars.

The two snuggle against each other. The entire scenario is breathtaking. Video credits go to the Black Jaguar-White Foundation for capturing the heart-melting reunion.

Imagine having a relationship with the high and mighty king of the jungle?  It is priceless.

I am happy for the man and his lion friend.  I envy their friendship.

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