Innocent Looking Ring Bearer Steals The Show With Unexpected Tricks – Surprise!

The ring bearer needed a little push as he walked down the altar.  The boy’s tiny footsteps shuffled as he made his way to for his important duty.

The boy carried the pillow and looked adorable. With the crowd watching, the little boy felt the pressure but still kept his confidence as he walks down the aisle.

A clever idea pops into his head.

All the attention the boy is receiving does not go unnoticed. In the moment, he is like a celebrity, but he does not seem to pay much attention. He is a small boy with a lot on his mind.

When he gets closer to his destination, he does something that takes the entire guest by surprise.

All he knew was that more fun was available and it all depended on what he could pull off with the pillow he was holding. The boy did not matter what consequences would follow after his daring move. Luckily, the maid of honor was within reach.
Watch the video and see the maid of honor and the entire wedding party reaction to the boy’s move.

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