Instead Of Exchanging The Normal Vows At Their Wedding, These Two Sweethearts Did This, And It Will Take Your Breath Away!

You just can’t forget that exciting moment when a couple get to exchange their marriage vows and gets bonded together as one for life. You just can’t, especially if they do something that breaks the internet.

The two lovebirds in the video have some deep love for each other, and so they decide not to go by the norm of just voicing out their vows as read by the presiding priest. Instead, the sweethearts introduce something new and heart-warming into the whole mix, taking the crowd and even themselves in a wave of emotion.

Watching this video, I had no choice but notice just how much it tugged at the lover in me, given that I love music in such a way that I would like to do what these two did. The bride and the Bridegroom decided to bare their feelings before each other by doing a duet of the Atlantic Star’s “Always,” and you’ll agree that you love it the moment they start on their blessed vocals. It’s like these two were born just for this!

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