Instead Of Giving A Wedding Speech, This Maid Of Honor Opted To… Spectacular!

Wedding ceremonies are very happy occasions to attend to. But sometimes the invited guests or the wedding couples struggle a lot to deliver a speech or join in the dancing session. But everything has an exception and Rachel Winterbottom is one of those who delivered the wedding speech while rapping to the “Ice Ice Baby” tune. Everyone in the wedding got stunned.

Rachel is the younger sister of the bride who is Hayley, so she planned to deliver the speech in a unique way. She starts her speech by saying that her intention is to do a wholehearted toast for the bride and the groom which will be forever memorable. She continued saying that she researched what the couple loved and never liked and the result were two things; one of them was what she was doing; singing-but since she never knows how to sing, she decided to rap.

Rachel invites the people present to sing along with her in a funny and interesting manner before rapping. You can see that she loves her sister Hayley so much because she never forgets to mention that Hayley is a sister who can’t be compared to anyone. You will certainly be thrilled with the chorus, wow, it is so catchy to forget!

When she does the rap speech, all the invited guests go crazy and get onto their feet and cheer. At the end of the rap, she gives the couple high-fives which I think they really deserve for their marriage!

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