Is This Why She Was Cutting The Old Plastic Soda Bottle? I Will Give It A Try!

There are those items which we use once in our kitchens and after that, we throw them away.  Plastic soda bottles and mesh produce bags are just but examples. But what if you discovered they can be reused and benefit us in one way or the other?

I’m one of those who love trying out DIY projects that can help me save on money. When I came across this informative video by Martha Santos, I saw it good to share some of the saving tips this expert has for us. Though what you have to save is quite small when you try them out, but with time you will be surprised by the amount of money you will have saved in the long run.

I have always been trying most of these items once I have used them until I came across this video. After watching this, I no longer throw them away as I now have something valuable to use them in when in the kitchen.

What a clever and easy way of reusing easily available items! You don’t have to be an expert to try out some of these tricks – they are straight forward.

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