ISIS And 9/11 Were Prophesied By The Blind Clairvoyant, There Is More To Worry About This Election

Baba Vanga is the famous Clairvoyant we are talking about. She is referred by many as “Nostradamus of the Balkans” because of her strange and accurate prophecies. Before she passed away back in 1996, there is a worrying prediction she made about this election.



While alive, Baba Vanga lived in Petrich, Bulgaria and made several prophecies. As analyzed by experts, she had an accuracy rate of about 85% in her prophecies. The end of the Soviet Union, the date that Stalin died as well as the Chernobly disaster are some of the things she predicted.

She warned the world about global warming back in the 1950s and again in 1989, she prophesied that “two steel birds” could attack the “American brethren,” possibly she was refereeing to the famous 9/11 attacks.



Before the devastating tsunami that attacked the South East Asia in 2004 during Boxing Day, she had said there the “big coast” could be descended upon by a “huge wave” and big towns and people could be covered by the water.

She also said that by 2016, Europe would be invaded by Muslim extremists and by that she had foreseen a “great Muslim war” which would lead to the establishment of the caliphate by 2043 somewhere around Rome, Italy. That was among her final prophecies.



According to her, “The last US president” will the be the 44th president.

It can be a scary allusion to a possible assassination or something worse. Can we say that all her predictions were based on lucky guesswork?



You can say out your mind, but we have to be concerned about her success rate.

Some of her predictions can be seen here, and you will learn more about the Bulgarian prophetess by watching the clip below.

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