It Appears Like Any Usual Wedding But Then The Unexpected Happens… So Amazing!

Not all the time you come across a wedding whose vows are really touching. The wedding in this video is one in which the bride and the groom have decided to add a unique twist to the vows. No wonder is has gone viral over the internet!

The two decided to wed within McCall, ID though they come from North Carolina. Brian had met Whitney a few years ago and the two had immediately fallen in love. At the time of their meeting, Whitney had a daughter called Brielle and Brian instantly showered her with the love any daughter can expect from a loving dad.

Their wedding had many exceptional moments within it, but there is one that touched me most – when they were exchanging vows. First, Brian exchanges their unique, customized vows with his wife and kills it off when he does it with Brielle who some people call Breezy! The way he does it is so sweet and you have to what the entire video to appreciate the cuteness.

As a husband and father, Brian has what it takes to be an amazing one!

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