It Being A Funeral, They Expected A Sorrowful Moment, But Then? Hilarious!

Carol Burnett and her popular friends came together in 1986, for an hour of spectacular comedy and music. In the video below, the spectators are being shown a funny and rarely viewed sketch called “the funeral,” which highlights Carol Burnett and the famous late robin Williams.

Robin was 36 years old by then, when he played the role of Marcus, a strange buddy of a recently dead guy. Marcus goes forward to comfort the wife of the deceased (Carol) and give her advice on how to carry on without her spouse. The outcome is feverish, and he really needs some therapy techniques.

At the 6:31 mark, the two artists perform the sketch again, but this time something strange occurs. Once robin starts to invent his own lines, the camera catches Carol unaware! After he starts singing a sacred song, Carol is seen facing the opposite direction from the camera while laughing. It’s wonderful to watch as this show proceeds, two famous actors on a draft that seems to be going perfectly for the two of them.

This sketch makes us think of dark times as the scenery is at a funeral home, the principal character being Robin and the prime matter being death. But with his expertise, Robin wins the smiles and laughs of many people at the end of the sketch.

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