It May Be A Silly Game, But When The Handle Is Pulled You’ll Break A Rib!

If you think you’ve seen all the funny clips in America, you are about to get a shock! This comic action featuring a grandson and his grandpa is a real breath-taker, and it’s a pie face game that stands above the best of the rest.

These games have been loved for how they deliver their punches in style, but things get hotter when it involves a toddler, and you have to give it to these two men for this out-standing, most hilarious scene.

The game itself gets its name from how it operates. The point of it all is to make sure that while the face of the player remains on the hole – stuck – you put some cream on your good face.

What drives up your curiosity in this video is the kind of overly comic action the grandpa, Sir Martin, and the grandson, Jayden, engage in as they compete for the first slice of the pie. Your curiosity is kept high as you eagerly wait for the players to share the pieces and let each enjoy his fair share. In the end, they do so in style.

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