It Took Him 6 Months To Plan The Perfect Proposal. Now Watch Her Reaction When This Happens!

If you haven’t yet heard of Tom BetGeorge, you’ve been missing quite a lot. This guy has been famed with coming up with the perfect situations to shoot videos that end up “bulldozing” through everyone’s online feeds. He’s that good, and this time, he’s come up with something even more than a viral video!

Now, Tom has a girlfriend, Teri Lynch. At one point, he decided to take their relationship to the next level, so he started planning for a proposal. However, Tom isn’t really the kind of guy to just walk up to his girlfriend and bend a knee with a small box in his hand. Tom is the kind of guy to throw in some pomp and grace into such events, and that’s exactly what he did!

He planned this for a good 6 months, even letting in over 100 people on the little secret. They helped him plan the perfect surprise, and all this while, Teri had no idea, until Tom came up with a fake Volleyball Tournament and had her walk into a church.

Now wait for that breath-taking moment when the church doors fling open and she steps in to meet the love of her life dressed in a perfect tuxedo. The mood is refreshing, if not totally mind-blowing! Her answer? You can’t miss this!

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