It’s Hard To Separate These Two, But When They Started Singing… WOW!

Sarah and Abby are identical twins whose cuteness is hard to go unnoticed. There is also something these 10 years old young girls are talented in – they have similar angelic voices.

At four years of age, these girls discovered their musical talent and since then, they have never stopped singing. For those of you who are fans of the “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” you might be familiar with their faces as they recently made an appearance within it.

It was after Ellen had watched the girls perform online that she made the decision of inviting them over. If you visit their YouTube page, you will have access to their awesome videos which are an indicator of the talent that oozes within the kids.

Within this video, they are performing “I’m Yours,” one of Jason Mraz’s hit songs. The kind of love the song wants to put across perfectly matches their adorable voices.

There are not just any usual singers, they know how to accompany their singing with a guitar. Given that they are only 10 years of age, you can be justified to say the two twins have a bright future awaiting for them.

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