It’s Her Wedding, And Dad Has To Give This Example Of How He Wants His Princess Treated. Amazing!

You have a daughter that you love very much, and now it’s time to give her away as someone’s bride. The ceremony is great, and you two are great dancers. Would you pass up that chance?

You’ll say no, and that’s exactly what this cool dad decided. Nate-daddy, as he’s fondly known, was about to marry-off his daughter, Mikalya, to Cody, one of guys from the BYU International Folk Dance team.  Mikayla is a dance student too. So things went all well and smooth, and then the tempo turned up at the ceremony!

This dad-daughter dance is sure to leave you nodding and smiling really widely. Turns out, this Nate-daddy is still well in the league in matters Folk Dance. Watch as the two family members start out to give you a dance tour from the classic moves to the best of today. This is something you’ll be impressed with, and you can’t afford to pass it up!

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