It’s The Second Time Daughter And Mom Are Pregnant At The Same Time. Unbelievable!

As a couple, there is nothing as fulfilling as knowing you will be having the baby you had planned to have. It feels great as you know your dreams are fulfilled. It makes you realize that dreams can come true when you need them to come true. It is even more joyful when you have been struggling to have a baby. In the video below, something amazing is happening. A mother and her daughter are expecting babies at the same time. The mother already has had 17 children and the couple was featured in a documentary.

Sue and Noel Radford never planned to have so many children before. The couple only started to have more after loving their first experience of having babies. Unlike what most people would think of them, they are not looking for support from anyone to help them raise their big family. They have a big successful bakery business that supports them. In the video we see Sue and her first born daughter having a baby together for the second time. It is amazing for mother and daughter to say the least.

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