I’ve Never Seen Such A Friendly Whale. This Is Too Awesome To Believe!

There’s that thing about animals that makes them crave for a cuddle. If you’ve a pet, you’ve noticed that they love being hugged and cuddled all the time. Turns out, it’s not just pets that harbor such emotions. Sea creatures do too!

In the clip here, you see these guys on a boat. They’re having the best of their time when a whale shows up just beside their boat. The good thing with this gigantic creature is that it’s not out to wreck their boat. This whale is out here to make friends!

The whale moves along with the boat while the tourists stretch out their hands to pet it. The animal doesn’t mind being touched and explored. The whale loves the sensation of a human hand on its body. In fact, it loves kisses!

Watch as the sea creature raises its big nose to solicit for some kisses from these cool humans. From what you see here, this already a friendship forged. I’m jealous!

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