Judge has 5-yr-old boy sit on lap in courtroom – asks 1 crucial question and lets boy decide dad’s fate

We all have to comply with laws and regulations, otherwise we face jail time or fines – and this video makes it clear that this is a lesson we learn as kids.

Five-year-old Jacob saw the justice systen up close up when he accompanied his father to the Providence Municipal Court in Rhode Island. His dad had improperly parked his car and risked a fine of up to $90 dollars.

Judge Frank Caprio was about to decide Jacob’s dad’s fine, but when he caught sight of Jacob, he did something unusual.

He asked the little boy to come forward.

First, Judge Caprio asked Jacob what he wanted to be when he grew up. The boy replied that he’d like to be a cook and bake pizza — and the whole courtroom burst out laughing.

The judge then told Jacob what his dad did wrong and gave the boy three choices. He could fine his dad $90, $ 30, or let him off without paying anything.

Then, he asked Jacob what he thought… but no one was prepared for the little boy’s answer!

Check out his hilarious response in this video:

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