Judge Spares The Life Of A Man That Killed Two Cops. Do You Think He Deserves It?

Law enforcement is becoming tough every day, if it is not cops who are shooting civilians in cold blood, it is gang members shooting cops in cold blood. In all that we expect the courts to come in and deliver justice to all. The courts are seen as the place to go and receive what you deserve irrespective of whether you are an officer or a gang member. It is the only way that society is able to uphold the rule of law. However, many feel that a recent court case in which a gang member is was given a life sentence instead of a death one after appealing is a betrayal by the justice system.

The man 33-year-old man named Wilson was planning to steal form two undercover cops who had gone to buy guns from the gang. Things went wrong and he shot the cops while they knelt down. He was then found guilt by the jury and sentenced to death. That was in 2003. He then made an appeal and after he was subjected to an IQ test and found to have a lower one. The judge compared the results to those of an insane person and therefore based his judgment on that.

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