Just After Birth, The Twin Sisters Hold Hands. Got To Be Kidding!

You may not believe it but it really happened. A mother gave birth to twins that were holding each other’s hands. Since it was like a miracle, the happening got known worldwide through news in a very short time.

This took place last year in the month of May when the twin girls were given birth to by a couple called Sarah and Bill Thistlethwaite, who reside in Orville, Ohio. Fox 8 News Cleveland revealed that after a few seconds of being born the twins held their hands together, and a photo of them was taken. Doctors said that the probability of such twins to be born is 1/10,000 twin pregnancies. Also, there are cases that have been reported that such condition brings about pregnancy issues whereby one of the twins needs to be sacrificed for the other to live or the mother to deliver prematurely just as Sarah did at only 33 weeks.

Even though Jenna and Jillian, had to be born premature using C-section and 45 seconds apart, the good news is that they are of good health.

Confessing to Fox 8 News Cleveland, Sarah said that the whole pregnancy process resulted positively. She went on to say that the little twins now aged one year, are as close as they were born.

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