Just Before The Match, This Team Gets A Surprise From Their Mothers When… What A Memorable Sight!

When you put an effort in whatever you do, people will realize it and come out to help you perform even better. This is what happened to Steele High School’s football team in Cibolo, TX. It was doing well in the season, so a group of 11 moms decided to become their dancing team. When the following match day came, these moms came out on the court and did their dance routine which left the student audience surprised.

To do such a thing, one must not be shy and that’s what these women demonstrated to the whole school at large. This is because these mums’ kids study at the school and doing it badly meant that the embarrassment was going to land on their kids. The song that they danced to was “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae), by Silentó.”

One of the dancing moms named Melissa Fields, confessed that while dancing, she felt as if her legs were trembling and her knees were going to be dislocated. She went on saying that even though it was not an easy thing, she was happy to be part of the football’s support team.

After the performance finished, the football team came out to hug their mothers. It was so lovely to see how parents can be a motivation to their kids.

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