Just When They Thought They Had Put Her Down With Their Scathing Comments, She Did This!

We all want to do all the things that we love; things that make us happy. But sometimes you realize that not everyone likes to see you doing what you love. That’s what Em Ford found out when she decided to post a series of clips of her without make up.

The My Pale Skin star received more than 100,000 comments; among them some of the most annoying comments some boneheads could think of. While some people thought she looked cute without the make-up, some other haters poured all manner of vitriol on her.

As a result of the stigmatizing experience, Em even started doubting her own beauty. She became withdrawn and she hated the whole social media thing, until she had her life-changing moment of pure reflection. And then she came back!

In this video, you get to watch Em Ford as she narrates her online ordeal, and you have to agree that it’s a really moving story. Em has come to learn the truth that we’re all beautiful as modeled by our Creator, and that no matter what the reckless whackos say, we still remain our cute selves.

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