Kansas City Couple Makes Small Gowns From Old Wedding Dresses, The Reason? I’m So Touched!

You will always find this 81 year old man, John Wright, window-shopping around Kansas City in search of old wedding dresses. When he buys them, he takes them to his wife, Diane, who makes small gowns from it.

When interviewed by 41 Action News, John’s wife said that she cuts the wedding dresses and keeps all the small pieces.

These small gowns that she makes are called angel gowns. They are issued to the parents who have lost a kid. The dead kids can be those ones who were born dead or those that never survived

Mrs. Wright confessed with tears in her eyes that she was a victim of a miscarriage and she knew how painful that is.

This Angel Gown Program was founded in 2013 by NICU Helping Hands, in order to soothe the bereaved parents by issuing them a gown which they were to use it for taking the last photos and to be used for the burial too.

Apart from the Wright family, other people have joined the program too.

For an old dress that Wright buys, it is enough to make from 8-15 gowns.

Commenting, Diane said that the bereaved parents were supposed to buy a burial gown for their dead babies which is not an easy thing.

If you see that they are doing a good job and you are willing to donate a wedding dress, do so at the address which appears at the end of the clip.

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