Kid Gets Shocked When He Noticed His Dad Beardless For The First Time. OMG!

They say that the best fathers tend to have that childish behavior which is inborn, and there is doubt that the children love that! But there comes a time when a dad can do something thinking that it will result funny to the young ones but the opposite happens.

In the clip below, we see a dad playing with his little one. Suddenly, the father shaves his beard and how the kid reacts to it is just priceless!

And that reminds me of the very many videos that have been loaded on the internet which shows how dads are very funny.

One of these funny fathers is Homer Simpson. He portrays himself as a failure in life who has been involved in everything that motivates his little ones in life also including advising them to try out failure. Were it for real, Simpson would have been denied custody of his kids like 20 years ago. We all can agree that he really is funny from the word go!

We also cannot forget Peter Griffin, the cartooned dad who always earned us a laugh because of his incompetence. He can be compared with Homer Simpson but to him he is a little bit mean which makes him funny to watch. Even though he is a bad example to his family, you cannot miss to watch him every week he is being aired on television.

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