Kid See Soldiers In A Mall. What He Does Next Will Leave Your Heart Warmed!

What do you think of anytime you set your eyes on a soldier?

For starters, these people are part of our families. They’re the people who go out of their way, sacrificing the normal social life and putting their lives on the line to protect others. They get deployed to far foreign lands to serve the country, and they do it all for us. That’s why our troops deserve all the respect in the world, and that’s not lost on anyone. Not even kids!

To prove that, here’s a cool clip about this kid who was in a mall with his dad. When he saw the soldiers, M.J Markley pulled his son aside and explained to him a few facts about them. He told him it was very okay to walk up to them and chat a little. The kid, being the kind of smart little beings with some knowledge about bad and good guys, knew that these soldiers were the right people to talk to at the moment, so he did what his pure heart led him to. Now you’ll love this!

Check out the clip here and love it. If you think this kid did the smartest thing, drop a comment and also SHARE the video on Facebook. Great!

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