Kid Steals The Show At A Local Fair Event. His Hilarious Responses Will Give You A Good Laugh!

There is never a boring moment on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Ellen is known to scout for crazy and talented kids who leave the audience in stitches. Some are singers, magicians, and dancers.

Ellen met one funny kid who has become an Internet sensation.

Noah Rottahwas interviewed at a local fair. His hilarious answers left the crowd in stitches. To top it all, Noah kept saying “apparently” in every sentence.

The bubbly boy gives the funniest response to every question asked. Ellen asks if Noah watches the news, the boy says his grandpa prefers to watch power ball instead. Every question he is asked is met with a hilarious response and the term “apparently.”

The boy even walks away before Ellen could ask his name and where his hometown.   Noah’s grandfather gets the boy to answer the questions.

Watch the hilarious kid and spread a smile. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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