Kidnapper’s Genius Plan to Kidnap Baby Shocked Authorities. Nobody Expected This…

CCTV footage from a hospital exposed a medical student who kidnapped a baby in broad daylight. The student had hatched a clever plan that most of you will miss.

Probably, you are trying to look for something creepy or unusual in the footage. Well, the woman walked in through the front the door. She later walked out through the same door; with a baby. How did she do it? She placed the baby in a shopping bag. Take a closer look at her hands.

The motive for kidnapping was not established. However, there are rumors the student may have lost her baby. Other reports indicate she had faked a pregnancy and lied about having a stillbirth.

The kidnapped baby was born prematurely and was staying in the hospital as the mom recovered from home. The nursing staff on duty noticed the missing infant and thought families had taken her. Fortunately, the family of the kidnapper became suspicious and notified the authorities. The baby was safe and uninjured. The kidnapper had a stroller, baby cot, and baby clothes in her house. She is now facing criminal charges.

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