Kids Find A Huge Package In The House, Look What Is Inside, What A Christmas Surprise!

Kids do miss the company of their parents who are in the Armed Forces as most of the time they are away on duty. Because of being absent most of the time, it is a wise thing for the military parents to never miss to see their kids during holiday times and spend some time with them.

But one thing I know is that it will be more interesting when a parent who is a military just pays his/her family a surprise visit.

In the clip below, we see such a thing when this military father decided to surprise his kids in the most unique manner that I have never seen before. In order to surprise their kids, Jaykob and his wife Aaron, prepared a huge gift in the living room.

When the two children enter the living room with the guide of their mother, they spot a very huge package which is red in color. Upon asking their mum who brought it, she replies to them that it was their dad who had sent it as a Christmas present as he was not able to come for the Christmas holiday. Excited, the kids start to open the huge package to find out what it contains.

Upon finishing tearing the package, they are shocked to see their dad in uniform. What could be the possible reaction upon seeing their father?

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