Kids In A School Bus Surprise An Old Lady When They Do To Her The Best Thing Ever – WOW!

An old neighbor of Kathy named Doris has this routine of waking up every morning and goes to the end of the driveway to give out kisses to a school bus #46 which carries children. Due to her behavior, the Ohio kids now call her “Grandma.” Each day of the week for five years, Doris has been doing the same. For the kids, they are accustomed to see her blow kisses to them every day.

Kathy, went to the Stacy, the #46 bus driver, and revealed to her that it was the 88th birthday of Doris. On hearing this information, Stacy looked to a special way in which she could give Doris a birthday surprise. As usual the school bus came and stopped at Doris’ home, whereby the children went on to sing the “Happy Birthday” song. Doris on the other hand was emotionally carried to a point of shedding tears of joy while staring at Kathy who was filming the whole moment. The bus drove away and it was the time for the kids to blow kisses to her and throw papers which were wishing her a happy birthday and that they loved her so much.

What a birthday surprise for Doris! Watch the touching clip below and please SHARE it with all your friends.

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