Kids Show Respect For The Country In The Most Fascinating Manner. You’ll Love This!

For anyone who knows something about the military, it’s always clear that respect for the country comes first. One thing that drives that is a person’s reaction when the colors sound. To these kids in the video, it’s all the same concept. This is impressive!

So it’s in March, 2011, and Danielle is watching some kids playing in a Marine Corps Air Station New River compound in Jacksonville, North Carolina. The retreat is great, and the kids are having a nice time in the compound. As they go on, the color sounds, and what happens next has had everyone talking about it. In fact, this video has garnered over 1.5 million views since its posting. You must want to see this!

From Danielle’s own words, this actually a family tradition that would be forgotten anytime soon. Her family has a good military background. When she saw what the children did, she had to pull out the camera and record it. Everyone is now impressed!

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