Kimmel Surprises A Hero Who Saved A Bleeding Man On The Train. He Deserved It!

Three Californians friends went on a journey to Europe last August. While boarded on the train, they realized that there was a terrorist inside brandishing a machine gun. Without wasting time, they planned on how to deal with him, of which they did without anybody losing his life.

One of the three heroes named Spencer Stone, gave a detailed explanation how he remained alive by luck. He was lucky because the machine gun that the terrorist pointed at his head never functioned. Kimmel, another guy, said that it was not only Stone’s luck, but the rest of the boarded passengers were lucky too!

Apart from being lucky, Stone also rescued the life of a guy that was bleeding due to a shot received from the back. He made the rescue while he himself was bleeding too! All the three friends; Alek Skarlatos, Anthony Sadler, and Spencer Stone emerged to be heroes and shall never be forgotten by France. For the risks he took to rescue the shot guy, he was given one of the biggest awards in France called The Legion of Honor.

Stone also got a new car and souvenirs of his preferred basketball team from Kimmel! He really deserved them as a savior of lives!

Although he acted in a swift way to save the shot guy, I think that there was a divine power that helped him. What is your opinion? If you think that the best military is from America, SHARE this story to all your friends on Facebook!

U.S. Airman Spencer Stone on Jimmy Kimmel LiveWhen an #AmericanHero is on your show you’ve got to surprise him with a well-deserved gift…

Posted by Jimmy Kimmel Live on dimanche 13 septembre 2015

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