Knowing Of His Condition, This Graduate Decides To Offer His Classmates A Touching Speech. A Must Watch!

Both parents and high school graduates gather together at the graduation to listen to the speeches that are offered. Generally, the speeches are filled with encouragement and wishes which do carry the majority of the present audience emotionally and bring tears to their eyes. While these speeches are sentimental and encouraging, one New Zealand student offered a speech that proved to be touching for all the history

This student is none other than Jake Bailey, who is adored by everybody that knows him. But while on his final touches of writing his graduation speech, he received heartbreaking news.

Doctors had revealed to him that he had only three week of living if he wasn’t going to start an immediate treatment since he had a serious cancer. He just could see his future shattered with and reduced to 21 days!

This news never stopped him from standing at the front of the class and offering his speech as seen in the clip below. He appreciated the school for having helped in the formation of bright students

To my opinion, we should take Jake’s speech into action. He said that everyone will have to die one day so it was better for us to be polite and great men, without forgetting to be grateful for the opportunities we have!

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