Lady Gets The Power To Manipulate Her Body To The Figure She Likes – A Must Watch!

In the clip below, we meet a woman by the name of Anna who is planning her first date with her lover called Henry. All her preparation doesn’t result well till she finds a solution of turning herself into any figure she wants to.

This video named “Plastic,” was drafted and directed by Sandy Widyanata. She released it back in 2008 and it became viral. The aim of the clip is to do an investigation of what women really desire to have body wise and that ability of self-acceptance in them. You can see how she changes her body in the washroom by pulling her nose to a certain point, making sure that her neck is thin and long. She finally reaches a point where she thinks that she is okay with the changes she has made on her.

Then comes a knock of Henry at the door. She takes one final look at the mirror before opening for him, but then she realizes that there…

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