Leo’s Diary – One That Will Melt Your Heart…You Can’t Miss This!

Scott Helman is the kind of guy who can produce a really great documentary, since whatever he touches turns to gold!

In this video, Scott captures the times and the tribulations in the life of Leo and his relationship with the guy who cares for him. This diary covers a life of tragedy, hope and closure.

It covers the journey of recovery Leo took when he fell victim of a tragic incident that had led to him suffering very severe burns. This story may sound different from those of most of us, but the closeness between Leo and his caregiver leaves a lot of good marks. You want to see this!

It was all so unexpected. Leo loved sitting by the fireplace exchanging sweet glances with his siblings. Then the others went to have some fun outside but Leo stayed back in the house, and that’s when he fell into the burning heat of the fireplace.

Alex is the great guy who now cares for Leo, and he’s with him in everything. The kind of warming relationship they share is something whose moments we loved capturing. It’s a breath-taker!

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