Lexi Walker’s “The Star-Spangled Banner” Performance Makes America Proud – A Must Watch!

One of the best ways to touch someone’s heart is through music. In the dark ages, people used music to appease emperors and make kings happy. Music is always played in celebrations to make everybody ready to enjoy their time. It does what spoken words cannot achieve within a short time.

Music is known to tame some animals and make them less hostile, enabling charmers to interact with them and play some tricks. These are stuff that no one would attempt to play during any other normal circumstances. Snake charmers for example have been known t perform such tricks and amaze the crowds.

What is in music that makes us love it so much? Well you will need to watch the video below to find out why. The video shows Lexi Walker singing the national anthem and it went viral shortly after it was uploaded. Many people just loved seeing this young girl put her sweet vocal to work, sending goose bumps to everyone who was present.

She sang and sounded like she meant every word she sang. Please SHARE this video with family and friends. It is awesome to say the least!

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