Little Boy Gets A Lifetime Surprise When He Accompanies His Grandparents to The Airport. Watch!

Sean McGrath accompanied his grandparents to the Shannon Airport in Ireland. The boy never expected any surprises from his grandparents.

Sean stands beside his father’s car. He is holding some coins as he prepares to bid his visiting grandparent’s goodbye. Colum, Sean’s dad, calls out on grandma and asks him to give the boy her phone. Grandma quickly agrees and requests the 12-year –old to confirm the information on the boarding tickets. The boy takes the phone and starts swiping the app containing the flight information.

Colum prompts his son to read through the information on the boarding passes. The boy reads it out loud and mentions his grandpa and grandma’s name. He keeps scrolling till he finds a boarding pass bearing his name. Sean realizes his parents and father kept the trip to Spain a secret from him the entire time. The look on his face is PRICELESS as he reacts to his gift.

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