Little Boy Opens A Basketball Match By Singing The National Anthem

It was before a basketball competition that a little boy marched forward and went to the middle of the basketball court, spectators wondered what he was up to, until seconds later when he made everyone wear a smile on the face.

It has become a custom that before any event starts, a national anthem is sung to honor the country and its freedom that is enjoying. Most of the times, it is the recorded anthem that is put to sing or a famous artist leads in the citing of the anthem.

In the clip below, we see a little kid who offered to come forward and sing the national anthem before all the match spectators. I bet that most of the fans never expected the little kid to have the courage of standing up before a large multitude and singing the national anthem.

After he surprised them, they had to applaud for the little kid who in fact never was nervous, as any kid would have been if granted the chance to be in front of many faces.

Watch this amazing kid in the video below and let us know if you would have done the same if you were the kid by commenting below. Please SHARE the clip with all your friends on Facebook!


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