This Little Boy Is Selling Lemonade For A Special Reason. I’m Touched!

Tyler is a nice little boy, but this time, he’s much nicer and the coolest kid in the neighborhood. It all started when he learned something about a local police officer!

The officer, in Grafton, MA, had been diagnosed with cancer, and now he was finding it hard to fend for his family. When Tyler found out, he decided to take matters into his own hands and actually turns things around. He told his mom he wanted to put up a lemonade stand to get some cash to help out the ailing officer. Cool!

In the video, Tyler is selling his lemonade and collecting the cash. When interviewed, he says he feels for the officer because he has kids to look after. Now, wait for the moment the local police officer gets wind of Tyler’s new endeavor. They flock in droves and line up to buy the lemonade. That’s so cool!

This boy is too old for his brains. Check out this full clip and love this youngster. Please SHARE this with all your buddies on Facebook. This little one is already a hero!

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