Little girl asks question, dad hits record on camera and captures footage that goes viral

Cole LaBrant is not only a father — he also runs a very successful YouTube channel.

Along with his family, the cool dad makes films from his everyday life, getting thousands of views.

But there’s one film in particular which is receiving more attention than others.

The film, shot with his stepdaughter Everleigh, has received over 7 million YouTube views!

Check it out below and you will understand why.

The video begins with Cole sitting in the car together with his stepdaughter Everleigh. Both of them look pretty bored.

The cute little girl, who’s sitting in the backseat, then asks, “Hey dad! Wanna listen to the radio?”

Dad Cole gladly concedes, then turns the radio on.

What follows is a fantastic medley of several different songs — and with each song, Cole and Everleigh wear a different costume. Needless to say, their performance is one heck of a ride!

For every new song that plays, the duo wear a new matching outfit, perform synchronized dance moves and make irresistibly cute and hilarious facial expressions.

It’s not hard to see why this duo have won millions of people’s hearts.

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