Little Girl Brings The House Down When She Does This To Steve Harvey… Hysterical!

Natalie is a cute kid by all measures, and that doubles up when she steps out to shine in the spotlight sharing a stage with the greatest and most popular people like Steve Harvey. Now that’s something!

Now, there’s this cool show dubbed “Little Big Shots” run by Steve Harvey, and that’s how Natalie found herself having a one-on-one with Steve. Needless to say, this little lady is the most confident kid you’ll ever see. Just look at her. She’s so “her!”

So Steve strikes up a conversation with Natalie, asking her about her family and she replies with some hilarious and mind-boggling answers. She’s also good at spelling. Natalie is the kind of a little girl who’ll take on some “tough” words and try her best to spell them. In fact, she does a great job, although she’s still a kid and doesn’t exactly score everything. But she’s a competition to watch out for!

That’s not the end of it. The most hilarious moment creeps up when Steve asks her to pray for him before she leaves. Next, everyone is reeling with laughter. You can’t miss this!

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