Little Girl Had No Idea That Tipping A Bassist Would Spark All This. This Is Awesome!

You haven’t experienced actual music until you’ve watched a live performance by a well-organized street band. The little girl here was so impressed by a bassist’s performance that she made up her mind to drop something in his hat. What happened next had everyone taken by surprise!

Immediately after the girl drops some cash in the hat, people start gathering up to liven up the music. In a short time, it becomes apparent to everyone that these aren’t just spectators. They’re part of the band that’s about to treat this street to one awesome flash mob performance.  Now this is getting good!

While it’s clear that this was planned, it doesn’t taint the fact that it’s a starring performance. Just watch how those guys pop out of the crowd to join in. Some even come out from nowhere! There’s that conductor that pops out of the woods to direct the performance. How awesome can things get!

Hit that play button and indulge yourself. You’ll love it so much that you’ll want your friends to see it too.

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