Little Girl Patient Recovers Miraculously, But When Security Stuff Check The Cameras, I’m Shocked!

Chelsea is a girl of 14 years and has for a long time been suffering from various medical conditions. When pneumonia caught up with her, Colleen Banton, her mother rushed her to hospital but with a feeling that she might not survive. When doctors saw her in that condition, they too never expected her to heal.

She was in a serious condition in that her elder sister took a photo with her thinking that it would be the last photo together. After that, Chelsea entered a deep sleep and her family thought that she had died and started to pay their last tributes.

While grieving for the loss of one of the members of the family, the family was shocked when Chelsea began healing, and woke from the sleep asking where her mother was. Doctors never found an explanation to this happening.

Colleen was more than shocked when a camera attendant came to her and showed what the surveillance cameras had filmed at Chelsea’s hospital bed. At once, Colleen knew it was an angel that had done that miracle.

Till date, Chelsea has some medical conditions but she managed to heal fully from the severe pneumonia. From the scientific explanation and probability, is that she never was to survive the pneumonia.

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