Little Girl Steals The Show During A Live Reporting. I Love Her!

7 Local News is a popular TV station in Queensland, Australia. It serves the great Mackay community, and it excels in that. Scott Linden is a reporter, and you must want to know what he does. It’s cool!

Scott brings up this nice segment,” Street Talk.” He hits the streets and the station airs a live report from where he “camps” within the locality. He interacts and interviews various people who exchange and gain ideas in the process. However, one day, things heated up, and he liked it!

In the video, Scott is reporting live from a local business when he senses something behind him. Turns out, there’s this little lady who has decided to shine bright before the cameras. So Scott turns and finds the little girl behind him. He can’t resist smiling!

She’s just adorable. He decides to give her some airtime and have a chat with her. She’s brilliant and focused. You’ll love her point of view. This little lady is headed for stardom!

This video gave me emotions, and you must be itching to watch it right now. Don’t forget to SHARE on Facebook with your friends!


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