Little Girl Without Hands Proves To The World Everything Is Possible

Welcoming a newborn baby in the family is a blessing and also a challenge. But the blessings tend to be heavier than the challenges. But there is this challenge of when one gives birth; if the kid is healthy or no. babies with a disorder won’t be able to do all things which others can do.

But always there are those who believe that challenges are there to be confronted, like the little Russian kid called Vasilina, who was born without hands.

Elmira Knutsen, Vasilina’s mom, posted a video of her daughter feeding herself using her feet. The clip meant a lot to the mother as she had done everything to get Vasilina believe that she is a normal person just like the others. The clip has been a motivation to many people in the world. It has taught them to value life and not the limitations that do exist. If this little kid was able, what about others?

Looking at the clip, you will notice that it become a little bit complicated for her to reach the mouth. However, she never gives up and employs the fork that’s in her toes to create a perfect angle. Of all the things that makes the clip worth a watch is that the kid never gives up or gets annoyed, instead, she looks for a way to make it possible. Definitely, this is a great lesson to teach us the importance of persevering and being patient.

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