Little Girls Fall Over When Wrestling In A Judo Competition. So Funny!

People do practice judo for many reasons. The purpose of taking judo classes is to enable yourself to be physically fit and also to know how to defend yourself when attacked. But what people tend to have in mind whenever a judo competition is set up is that the participants are ruthless people who are stone faced and with a lot of tactics. In the video below brought to us by Afraud K, he lets us appreciate two little girls of five years or less competing in judo where they tackle each other before falling over together. What a wonderful sight to watch!

The funny thing with the two little girls is that when they approach each other to wrestle, you may think that they are about to hug. But also, they have learned the judo rules as seen in the clip. They both bow down to each other which signifies respect before starting to wrestle. When they start to compete, one of them falls first then the other follows. But even after falling over, no one of them decides to surrender, as they get up to face one another again. I bet that they will become excellent wrestlers when they grow up.

This martial art was first founded by the Japanese samurai and feudal warriors many years ago. Please SHARE this lovely judo performance with your friends on Facebook to make their day too!

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