Lonely Disabled Kid Meets A 3-Legged Rescue Dog. The Dog’s Reaction? Unbelievable!

When Haatchi, an Anatolian Shepherd dog breed, was knocked with a train while tied at the North London railway line, he was still as small puppy. The hind leg and the tail were seriously wounded. With the heart of a survivor, he crawled away from the station and found a place to lie until he was rescued.

The sad news was that the leg and the tail were deeply infected and they had to be amputated. But that was not the end of him as he found his future best buddy, known as Owen, a little boy of 9 years who was suffering from Schwartz-Jampel, a condition that generates a continuous muscle tensing. Due to this condition, Owen was forced to use a wheel chair always and his vision blurred too. Apart from this condition, Owen has a problem of being very anxious, making him being separated from the other children. This led him to a lonely kind of life as a child.

The life of Owen had a light at the end of the tunnel when his dad got in love with Colleen, a dog trainer. When Colleen saw Haatchi online, she knew that the dog had something special. When she introduced the dog to Owen, there was an immediate attraction and the lives of these two changed forever. On their very first encounter, Haatchi had his head resting on the legs of Owen, and this cuddling went on for the full weekend. Surprisingly, people forgot to ask what Owen had and started to question the strong bond the two friends had. Till today, their relationship remains to be one of the most surprising on the social media

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