Long Time ‘Curly Sue’ Actor Impresses The Judges At ‘The Voice.’ It’s Magical!

About 25 years ago, Alisan Porter, acted in the 1991 movie interpreting the role of Curly Sue. Recently, she managed to get her passion out publicly, which is singing.

Back then, in the 90s, she appeared on the 10th season of the Voice where she interpreted “Blue Bayou.” The judges at the competition who were Christina Aguilera, Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton were very impressed with her performance.

After the wonderful audition, Porter went ahead to shed light as to why she presented herself at the NBC show now as an adult.

She confessed that she had been leading a tough life of which she got sober about eight years ago. She explained that her objective was to get in love, have kids and become an excellent mother. She continued to say that it was like the world had some plans for her because the NBC accepted her that very particular day.

Touched by the speech of Porter, Aguilera, who is a mother of two children went ahead to say that a mother is the person who works harder than anyone else.

Aguilera continued to say that Porter still had more things which people needed to hear her speak then out.

Finally, after Aguilera finished her speech, Porter was so moved with it in that she chose Aguilera to be her coach.

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