Looks Can Be Deceiving. That’s What This Dog And His Owner Prove. So Intriguing!

My heart skipped a beat when I saw “The Hulk” for the very first time. Believe it or not, this pit bull is 17 months of age and yet he has been able to garner a weight of 173 pounds. He might not be the biggest dog in the world, but, he is the biggest of all pit bulls I have ever come across.

If you know pit bulls very well, you know how scary they can look sometimes. Imagine the kind of anxiety you will be filled with if you opened your gate only to see such a gigantic creature right there waiting for you. Hulk might be such big, but he is very humble and gentle in heart – a giant teddy bear and person could wish to have! He has gone through the right training and knows how to relate well with those around him.

The way pit bulls are perceived by the general public made the ASPCA to put a very powerful message across. Though in the past, they have been known to be very fierce and associated with fights, their real character is determined by the way we train them.  That’s what determines their interaction with those around them. They have to be shown the love they deserve for them to reciprocate it back!

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