Lost Someone? This Song Will Help Alleviate All That Pain. You’ll Love It!

There are those times when you wish things were different. Those times when you miss the people you love but who are no longer with you. There could be a bad situation putting you through a dark cloud in life. Here’s a really nice and powerful song that could help you deal with it. It’s just so beautiful I spent a whole day replaying it!

It’s “Knowing What I Know About Heaven,” sang by Sarah Ann Darling and Guy Penrod. These two have great voices. Guy worked with the Gaither Vocal Band between 1994 and 2008, and Sarah is both a country music songwriter and singer, so you can expect a really moving performance here. Get ready for a moment of healing!

The lyrics alone will take you to heaven and bring you back with a repaired soul. The tune and the rhythm, too, are another great choice that gets deep into your heart at that very moment while you think of your lost loved ones. After this, you’ll never hurt again. The truth is here!

You can’t skip this video. It’s the medicine. Check it out and love it. You’ll want to SHARE it on Facebook right away!

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