Magician Performs Tricks On His Wedding Day. Look At Her Bride… So Amazing!

Of all the events that need to be celebrated, your wedding day happens to be one of them.

Many weddings have been celebrated and we have been there like witnesses, but none can be compared with the latest wedding of a magician by the name Justin Willman. He made sure that that the big day will forever be remembered.

This reminds me of a couple that posted a clip titled Drunk History, which raised sparks in the news. It showed them drunk and confessing how they first met in a humorous way. They saw it wise to share the clip with the guests who had come for their wedding rather than throwing a party. So far Justin, a host of Cupcake wars, and Julian Sipkins, a photographer, are the only couple that I can recall that their two wedding clips became popular.

In the following video, we witness as Justin and Jillian walk to the stage and ask for a song known as “I Put A Spell On You.” Justin and his gorgeous partner go ahead to perform an unforgettable show in which they take turns in putting one another to sleep and float in the air.

It’s no doubt that they were meant for each other! Watch the clip and make sure to SHARE it with all your friends on Facebook

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