Make A Call Whenever You Need A Flower Girl, This Kid Is The Best!

The bride was about to make a grand entrance, but the flower girl beat her to her own game. The flower girl, dolled in a tiny white gown held a basket full of flower petals.

The second she set foot on the aisle, all eyes were on her. The little girl walked gracefully by herself. However, she did something that changed the wedding scene.

The polite smile on the guests’ faces turned into full-blown laughter with tears rolling down their cheeks. In such circumstances, the best you can do is laugh till your ribs ache.

It is a clear indication that weddings mean different things to adults and children. While for adults it may mean serious business but it is a nothing serious for the young ones. It is funny how some funny moments turn out to be treasured memories.

When the flower girl funny antics was caught on camera, nobody thought the golden moment would bring countless laughs in the present day.

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