Man Breaks Down Into Tears Right In The Middle Of His Wedding Ceremony. Reason? Lovely!

Men are hard, or at least most of them try to act so. But sometimes emotions take over and you end up shedding a few tears in the heat of the good moments. Well it happened to Gabriel Denku!

Gabriel, 25, met Annabel, 24, 4 good years ago. He was introduced to her by his friend, Tolu Ige. 4 lovely years down the line, the inseparable lovebirds have decided to wed. It’s that day everyone longs for, and Gabriel doesn’t seem to have the toughness to handle this in silence. The moment this guy sees his bride come in, he starts a show. It’s emotional, touching, and lovely to see!

The man is seriously in love, as you can see from his reaction. He’s literally crying. Gabriel can’t believe he’s won the heart of the most beautiful person in his life. In fact, he just lost a bet he made with his mom right before the wedding. He said he wouldn’t cry, but look at him!

This is really awesome. Check this out and see what happened here. It’s so fulfilling to know that you’re loved unconditionally. I love this!

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