Man Bumps Into An Abandoned Baby In A Bush. This Must Be Divine!

When Raul Marin set out on his way to work one fateful day, he had no idea that he was about to save a life that would later save his. Now this clip will warm your heart!

Raul, from Jalisco, Mexico, is a nice guy, and when he noticed something wrapped up in a paper on the side road under some bushes, his instincts kicked in and he decided to walk over and take a closer look. What he saw in that paper is still living in his soul. A live baby abandoned!

He had to do something, so he called for help from the emergency services and the little infant was rushed to the hospital for medical attention. Since then, Raul has been following up on the process of adopting this little girl. He thinks his discovery of the abandoned girl was of divine intervention, something like a sign from the heavens.

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